We are the first dental clinic in Vietnam that was approved by Ministry of Health to be a dental hospital with many high-tech services.

We have a full range of dental departments including: general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, TMJ & snoring treatment,cosmetic dentistry, implant, oral surgery, and maxillo-facial surgery. We also have an in-house dental laboratory, imaging department, pharmacy, laboratory (blood test) and post operative department.

We are located in a modern building at the center of Ho Chi Minh City, with 4000 square meters, 22 dental chairs, 5 surgery rooms, and an inhouse dental lab. We also have 3 xray machine (CT cone beam, Cephalometric/Panoramic, Lung x-ray), 2 intra oral digital scanners (Itero and Trios 3shape), Fotona laser machine and many other modern equipment. Other amenities such as reception, waiting rooms, and consultant rooms are set up with a luxurious style for the comfort of our clients.

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Do Dinh Hung, D.D.S, Ph.D and our team of doctors have 25+ years of experience. Our team of dental specialists and customer service also speak English fluently.

Dr Hung is one of the pioneers in Implant placement in Vietnam. He is also the first Vietnamese doctor who used the Nobel Biocare System for Implant placement and ALL-ON-4 techniques with surgical guide in 2006. Dr Hung has treated many government leaders such as late Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh, former Communist Party General Secretary Le Kha Phieu, former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, as well as other officials.

Dr Hung and his associates have all studied abroad and frequently attend international conferences and training to update their knowledge and learn new techniques. Our team of dental assistants is also professionally trained. Our doctors and staff are always upholding ethics, enhance professional skills, work whole-heartedly to create the perfect smile for our customers.


We apply technology heavily in our treatment, which helps make the treatment process more efficient and accurate. Our Sirona Sinus dental chairs have computers that are connected to the CT Cone Beam, Orthophox GX, Photostimulable Intra-Oral Phosphore Plate Scanner, with electronic control system, antiseptic system, which provide convenience and comfort for both patients and doctors during the whole treatment process.

Intra-oral scanners (Itero and Trios 3shape) are connected to the Lab system. This makes the fabrication of dental porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers faster and more accurate, especially for immediate loading after implant placement.

For crowns/veneers, we use Smile Design Software: Our specialists will study your case thoroughly using the smile design software, will design your perfect smile depending on your age, skin tone, facial structure and personality.

For implant, we use Nobel Clinician Software: using data from CT Cone-beam images for surgical guidance, we can perform virtual surgery on the computer in 3D spaces, select the best location and exact implant size, and establish the best treatment plan for patients. A new system of equipment using laser in dental treatment makes the process less invasive, minimizes bleeding and helps wounds heal faster.


We have consistently maintained 5-star rating and 95% patient satisfaction rate since 2014 on Whatclinic.com, one of the most recognized referral sites for medical services internationally. As of 2022, we have served customers from 46 out of 63 Vietnam cities/provinces and international customers from 49 different countries in the world. See our customer reviews here


With a team of specialized experts, state of the art equipment, and high quality materials, we stand behind our quality. Therefore would like to provide you a superior warranty policy as follows:

Lifetime warranty for Implant placement by Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Hahn, Biohorizons implant system. 10 years warranty for Megagen, MIS, Dentium and Tekka implant system.

10 years warranty for Prosthodontics such as aesthetic porcelain crowns, bridges, veneers and crowns on Implant.


At Worldwide hospital, we apply pain-free dentistry, which uses sedation/general anesthesia to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment. It is commonly known as sedation or general anesthesia. Sedation can be used for all treatments from more complex procedures like implant placement, wisdom teeth extractions, veneers/crowns, root canal to more simple procedures such as teeth cleaning, filling, etc. With sedation, you are completely relaxed without any pain but remain receptive of everything that is going on.

Our hospital is equipped with 5 operating rooms, central oxigen system, heart rate monitor, anesthesia systems, uv lights. All sedation/general anesthesia cases are monitored by an anesthesiologists and a nurse anesthetist. This helps ensure patients’ complete safety during the operation.

(chèn hình cảnh phòng mổ có máy thở)


In the success with thousands of cases of implant placement & oral surgeries, cosmetic & restorative dentistry as well as orthodontic treatments, Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center is proud to have strict sterilization procedures following the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and US FDA standards, which provides the maximum safety for all clients. See our Sterilization process for details. (chèn link vào bài FDA sterilization).


At our hospital, we are a one-stop-dental-hospital. Patients can get x-ray taken at the hospital. Our team of doctors can provide all dental related services, from cleaning, crowns/veneers/implant to all types of oral/maxillo facial surgery. Our in-house dental lab will fabricate the crowns/veneers/ dental bridges. For surgery, blood test is also done by our laboratory. Having everything at one place helps speed up the treatment process significantly. Individual implant can be done within the same day, while all-on-4/6 implants with fixed temporary denture on implants can be completed within 3 days, crowns/veneers could be completed within a few days to a week depending on the number of units. Then patients will have time to travel and explore Vietnam and come back for final checkup before returning home.


The average dental cost in Vietnam is remarkably lower than in Western countries (approximately 70% cheaper), and relatively lower than most Asian nations.


Vietnam has long been known for its history and the wars with the French and American. However, only few people know that the country also has many breathtaking, globally-recognized heritages.