A beautiful, healthy smile makes the first impression last. Having a radiant smile will make you want to smile more, which in turn will bring you more happiness and success in life.

At our Vietnam dentistry clinic, to come up with the perfect result for your smile, our prosthodontists will go through a detailed design process, known as digital smile design. Our doctor will first interview the patient to make sure we fully understand the patient’s wish. Some patients will want a Hollywood pearl white smile, while some patients only want to restore what they had in the past (a more natural look).

During our dentistry appointment, the doctor will take the impression of your jaw using either 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner and then study your case thoroughly using the smile design software. The doctor will then recommend the best treatment for you going forward.

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Smile design relies on various factors to ensure you are given the perfect result for your teeth. This includes the appearance of your face, gums, hair shade, lips skin complexion, teeth (e.g. color, shape, size, etc.), and more. Smile makeovers are taken place at our dentistry service for many reasons and are tailored according to your requirements

Dental Esthetics include the following components:

Tooth Color: Dark or discolored teeth may suggest an older aged patient. A beautiful smile with bright and white teeth tends to indicate the opposite – you have a youthful appearance. You have the option to restore and exchange your silver or amalgam fillings for more natural-looking teeth. Teeth whitening, on the other hand, can help enhance the appearance of dull and discolored teeth. That’s why color and shading are crucial factors to consider when undergoing the evaluation and preparation stages at our Vietnam dentistry clinic,

This is done for many different oral treatments e.g., our Vietnam veneers, bridges, composite bonding, crowns, and dental implants). Our prosthodontists are more than qualified to know how to balance out your appearance to give you a natural-looking smile that has all the glimmer of a Hollywood celebrity.

Straightening and Spacing: for teeth that are damaged, have some gaps or are overlapping, you can realign them through dental procedures. Crowns or our Vietnam veneers are designed to straighten out your teeth.

Missing Teeth: simply having a few gaps or missing teeth can alter your smile, causing issues to your self-esteem, ability to chew, and your overall oral health (e.g., tooth decay) That’s why replacements are highly essential to not only the state of your oral health but facial aesthetics as well. At our Vietnam dentistry, we can fill in the missing gaps by adding bridges or dental implants.

Restore The Balance: At our Vietnam dentistry clinic, we can cosmetical bond damaged or uneven teeth to enhance your appearance and smile. We can even re-contour a gummy smile, allowing you to stretch your checks far and wide with confidence.

Bring Back Your Smile: As we get older, it’s only natural for us to want to enhance and revitalize the appearance of our faces. We offer smile design treatment e.g., orthodontics, and oral maxillo-facial surgery, which both works to bring back your smile again.

From our comprehensive dentistry service, our cosmetic orthodontist will undergo the treatment with the best care and precision you need to give you the smile you truly deserve.


There is a range of characteristics that our Vietnam dentistry specialists will analyse during your smile makeover. This includes:
Quality and Length of Teeth: Health and full-length teeth are a sign the person is at a young age. However, teeth that have been damaged, are shorter in length, and have a gummy smile, are all indicators of old age.

If you have shorter teeth, smile design treatments involve lengthening and reshaping your front teeth using bonding or porcelain veneers. For a smile that reduces the appearance of gums, our team of experts can alter the gum line to extend the length of the teeth using laser procedures offered at our Vietnam dentistry clinic.

Teeth lengthening works to enhance your overall facial appearance.

Smile Line: a smile line is a subtle stroke that follows the corners of your upper teeth from cheek to cheek. This is used as a reference for the design of your smile makeover to help you understand the length of your new teeth.

Proportion: At our dentistry clinic, the prosthodontist takes a look at your teeth to indicate if they are in the right proportion between each other. A balanced and healthy smile generally has two central front teeth and a proportion of 4:5 between each other.

Characterisation And Texture: When it comes to a smile makeover, functionality and appeal are highly important. The best professionals can alter the appearance of crowns or veneers to create a feminine or masculine look, depending on your personal preferences.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital Smile Design or DSD is a highly important tool to digitally reshape the look of a smile.
At our Vietnam dentistry clinic, we use the 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner to take a closer look at the state of your jaws. The software is used to evaluate a patient’s proportions and from this analysis, our orthodontist can get a thorough understanding of the connection between gums, lips, and teeth and how together they create the perfect smile.

Our orthodontist will take a peruse through the library to provide you with a range of different smile design options for you to choose from. Right before your treatment, you can get a good preview of what the final result of your smile will appear like.
It is crucial to speak with your doctor about your needs. After providing your requests, the orthodontist at our dentistry clinic can make a mock-up model to help you understand how your teeth will appear after speaking and smiling.

After the design has been accepted, our orthodontist will send the file to our Lab in-house. Your crowns and veneers will be printed at our Vietnam dentistry clinic, which is why it is a digitalised process. You can be sure that by the end of the process you will be well pleased with how your new smile looks.

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