At Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center, we apply the 5-15 year warranty (depending on the material chosen) policy for crown/veneer/bridge placement at our hospital.

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Warranty card for patients who had porcelain crown / bridge at our center

Conditions and Requirement



  • Have a dental check-up and cleaning every 6-months at our dental hospital or at your local dentist. Notify your local dentist about your crown/veneer.
  • Follow dentists’ instructions about crown/veneer.
  • Use night mouth guard if you grand your teeth at night.
  • Don’t grind your teeth.
  • Avoid food that is too hard, too hot or too sticky.
  • If you have veneer, don’t bite and pull forward (like when biting an apple).

Dental warranty will be reduced or voided for:

  • Diseases caused by poor post-procedure dental hygiene.
  • Damages caused by extreme stress (grinding at night).
  • Damages caused by chewing on hard food.
  • Patients do not follow dentists’ post-procedure home care instructions
  • Patients do not re-visit for dental check-ups and cleanings.