Zygomatic implants are named for the bone that they are implanted into – the zygomatic bone, more commonly known as the cheekbone. Compared to the jaw bone, the zygomatic bone is much denser and provides a solid anchor point for the implant.


Zygoma implants are significantly longer than traditional dental implants because they are attached to the Zygomatic bone.

Zygoma implants treatment is considered the light at the end of the tunnel for edentulous patients that have been rejected by implant specialists for the all-on-4 treatment due to significant bone loss in the upper jaw.

Zygoma implant procedures:

Zygoma implants have the same treatment steps as All-on-4 treatment (add link), which include 2 steps:

Step 1 is the placement of the implants with 5 appointments: 1. CT cone beam xray & examination, 2. Surgery, 3&4. Fabrication of temporary fixed denture, 5. Final check-up. After 3 days patient will have fixed temporary denture to use while waiting for the implants to integrate with the surrounding bone. Step 1 needs approximately 2 weeks to complete.

Step 2 is the placement of the permanent denture on implants, which is generally 8-12 months after. Step 2 needs approximately 12 days to complete.

Every 6 months patient is required to have checkup and cleaning at our hospital or any local implant specialist.   

The key difference between All-on-4 implants and Zygoma implants, beside the sizes of the implants, is that Zygoma implant has to be done under general anesthesia, which can only be performed at a hospital.


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