At Dr.Hung & Associates Dental Center, we ensure complete safety of patients, staff and the hygiene of tools used. We are highly careful about hygiene management. We believe a clean and safe environment takes an inevitably important part in the success of a patient’s treatment.

First, we make sure dental offices are generally clean and in order, free of dust on countertops, work surfaces, chairs and other equipment/furniture. Beside general cleanliness, for patient safety, examination and treatment rooms are cleaned and decontaminated on all surfaces between patients including items such as dental chairs, light, drawer handles and counter tops.

We also employ following procedures and protocols to ensure safety of our staff and patients

Hand hygiene and use of gloves
Protective clothing
Sterilization and disinfection of instruments
Cleaning of dental handpieces (drills)
Use of disposable items
Disposal of waster materials including sharp items


Every tool used in our clinic is either disposable or sterilized .

The following steps are meticulously carried out:

1) Receiving, cleaning, and decontamination:

– After use every instrument is cleaned under running water, so that any debris is removed.

– Then instruments are soaked in Hexanios 0.5% for 15 minutes as a primary disinfectant. Hexanios solution is the best anti-bacterial, anti-viral solution, which even kills HIV virus.

– The instruments are then scrubbed to clean the surfaces and fine grooves.

– Drying instruments through the use of an instrument dryer.

2) Preparation and packaging

After the instruments have been cleaned, they are packaged in special bags. Then using the WH sealer machine to seal the package, they are taken to the autoclaves to be sterilized.

3) Sterilization

Set sterilization temperature to 121 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes and set the dry timer to 20 minutes

4) Storage

Sterilized instruments are now stored in the ultra-violet cabinet.

Mr.Loi is responsible for ensuring these are followed.

Some pictures about the Infection control department:

Decontamination equipment in the practice:

– Ultrasonic steri-clean: Study industrial Co., LTD ISO-9001/ISO-13485 approved firm

– Cuckoo dish dryer: Dry room for chopping boards Sanitation – inspired D.D

– Sealer WH machine

– 2 Autoclaves Sturdy SA-300H

The disinfectant products we use:

– Hexanios G+R.Hexanios solution is the best anti-bacterial, anti-viral solution that even kills HIV virus.

– Aniospray 29 used for disinfectant rapid on the surface.

– 3 ultra violet lamps for 3 operation rooms.

At Dr.Hung & Associates Dental Center, we are proud to adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. We have a infection control department, which comprises the latest vacuum autoclave, ensuring that our clinical environment achieve the highest possible hygiene standards.