Non-metal Emax/Zirconia/Vita porcelain crown (CAD/CAM) – Non-metal Emax/Zirconia/Vita porcelain crown on implant (10 years warranty at our center) are used up to 90% at Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center.

This is the restoration that has the best natural beauty as real teeth which is composed of a porcelain frame inside and outside covered by many layers of cosmetic porcelain with nano technology. It is also designed and manufactured by CAD/CAM technology at our Lab in-house to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Furthermore, this restoration will avoid the state of ‘dark collar’ after years of using.

Nano Emax (Ivoclar Vivadent) offer the fit, form and function which is expected from pressed ceramics. In addition, they offer improved flexural strength (400 MPa). With optimized esthetic properties creating all-ceramic restorations that offer true-to-nature results, Nano Emax is usually used for front teeth
Non-metal Lava – Ultimate porcelain crown (3M ESPE) is a type of Nano Ceramic resin from the US using the Nano Technology and suitable thermal procedure producing a special compound which is not only as natural as real teeth (therefore can be used for front teeth) but also very hard (so they can also be used for back teeth)
Non-metal Full Zirconia porcelain crown (Ivoclar Vivadent) is a type of porcelain crown made only from Zirconia material – a very hard type of non-metal. However, as zirconia does not have the natural teeth look, it is usually used for back teeth (especially for crowns on implants) to achieve the best chewing ability.
Crystal Ultra porcelain is suitable for crowns on implants, 3-unit bridges,… At 480 MPa, Crystal Ultra’s compressive strength is the strongest of all of the esthetic all ceramics and ceramic hybrids on the market. Crystal Ultra porcelain crown can be completed within 1 day. Crystal Ultra is registered with the Food And Drugs Administration (FDA).
Precious metal crowns (Gold, Platin, Paalladium,…) are crowns with frames made of highly valuable metals such as gold, platin, palladium,… covered with many layers porcelain for good biological impact, hardness and aesthetic factors. The only disadvantage of this solution is its high cost.

Additionally, we also use titanium porcelain crown & bridge – Titanium porcelain crown on implant (10 years warranty at our center) – a restoration which is as natural as real teeth. It is composed of a titanium frame inside and covered by many layers of cosmetic porcelain outside.


At Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center, we have our own Lab in-house with the most advanced CAD/CAM techniques to ensure the high quality of each crown or veneer or bridge made and also save our clients’ time.

All technology and equipment in our Lab are imported directly from the US, Germany or Japan with the most advanced and up-to-date techniques.
All the materials used are either Noritake porcelain Ceramco 3 (produced by Denstply) are imported from the US, Germany or Japan including all the minor materials.
porcelain crown 3
Noritake material

The Production of a Porcelain Crown/Veneer is carried our as followed:
Our dental lab technician receives the client’s file from the oral scan machine (for single porcelain crown or 3-unit bridge) or receive study cast from our dentists (4 units and more)
Scan the study cast (8-10 mins)
porcelain crown 4porcelain crown 5

Scanned impression

Design the crown(s) using the advanced Exocad software
Insert the forming into a mowing-machine
The product is put inside a furnace (duration is usually 10-12 hours)
porcelain crown 6
Dental furnace

Sculp the crown
Put the crown inside the furnace (Ivoclar Programat P310) for about 18-20 minutes
Stain, glaze using the Zirkon Zahn stain kit (Made in Germany)
porcelain crown 7
Zirkon Zahn stain kit

Complete crown is returned to the doctors after 2-4 days (depending on the quantity and difficulty of each case)