At Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center, implant placement is done very quickly (usually 15 minutes per implant) and accurately. Surgical steps are established in 3-dimensional space using a surgical design software and data collected from CT Cone-beam X-rays (which you will take as part of the consultation process).

Dental implant diagram
Beside the normal cases of implant placement for a missing tooth or teeth, Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center is particularly experienced and successful with special cases as follows:

1. Immediate single implant placement in a day

2. Immediate loading after implant placement in 2 days. It means you will have a crown on implant in one visit.

3. Immediate implant placement & loading after extraction for front missing tooth in 2 to 3 days

4. Implant placement with sinus lift, bone graft, tissue graft at the same time within 1 week.

5. “All on 4” technique

The “ALL ON 4” treatment concept was developed to provide edentulous patients with an efficient and effective restoration using only 4 implants to support an immediate fixed temporary denture with the procedure during 10 days. After 4-6 months, after the osseointegration of the implant and jaw bone occurs, the temporary denture will be replaced with the permanent fixed denture.

6. “All on 6” technique

“ALL ON 6” technique is done when you have enough quantity and quality of bone in order to for 6 implants to be placed. Result of prosthetic on 6 or 8 implants is more stable for functionality. The procedure requires 10 days. Similar to ALL ON 4, an immediate fixed temporary denture will be placed on the implants and after the osseointegration process the temporary denture will be replaced with a fixed denture.

7. Implants supported dentures for edentulous with bone loss.

When you don’t have enough bone quantity and quality, the next option is to place smaller implants on your jaw, then a bar is placed on the implants to relieve the pressure on the implants, and finally the denture is placed on the bar.

Overdenture with bar is more stable than removable denture.
Overdenture with magnetic attachment is more stable & easier to use than removable denture.
8. Using Zygoma implant for edentulous cases with severe bone loss.

The implant is attached into the cheekbones (zygoma) to resolve the entire missing teeth cases in the upper jaw with large maxillary sinus and severe alveolar bone loss.

The procedure implant placement follows the standard of ITI (International Team Implantology).

We believe in our work and based on the implant success rate of 99% with Nobel Biocare & Straumann Implant System, we offer the most unique Warranty policy

Lifetime guarantee for Implant placement by leading implant systems (Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Biohorizons)
10-15 years guarantee European implant systems including Tekka (France), MIS (Germany), Dentium (US)