Welcome Our Ceo From Australia

Welcome our CEO from Australia!

On 1/11/2017, Mr Alan Williams from Australia joined the management team of Worldwide Plastic Surgery and Dental Hospital as a Chief Executive Director (CEO).

He has been in management for more than 35 years and success in a variety of areas such as health-financing, customer service in Australia. He accepted a temporary halt to work for nine years to care for his wife. Dr. Hung had known Mr. Williams and realized his ability to work, admiring his moral qualities many years ago. Therefore, Dr. Hung invited Mr. Williams to work at WORLDWIDE Hospital right after he began looking for employment again., as taking charge of business strategy and international customer market in Vietnam, financial advisors, and customer care management.

By now he was in his 60’s, Mr. Williams is still full of passion for work. He accepted Dr. Hung’s invitation after visiting and surveying all activities at Worldwide Hospital.

He saw the high level of professionalism, wholehearted committed to the patients of the doctors and staff at Worldwide Hospital, the consistent investment in latest equipment. The most modern technique of dentistry and plastic surgery here. Together with Dr Hungs’ vision they wants to dedicate their talents to build and develop the brand name of WORLDWIDE HOSPITAL – The Five-Star Hospital in Vietnam to become the top brand in cosmetic surgery and dentistry.

He desired to bring many Australians as well as many customers from all over the world who need dental or cosmetic treatment to experience the best quality treatment, the best services and the result of excellent treatment as the high-level hospitals in developed countries with a much lower cost.

The values he wants to bring to WORLDWIDE Hospital and his clients include
Management style and leadership: The attitude of “respect for all people”, improving the efficiency of individual work in a “teamwork” to develop together and achieve the highest efficiency for the collective.
Comprehensive and comprehensive job-training strategy with flexible and responsive communication skills to handle all of the temporary issues or goals to deliver the perfect treatment to clients like the mission that Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center have been following.
Objectively evaluating and assigning the appropriate staff based on the ability of each person to achieve the highest results and the most active work for each person.
With the specifically financial orientation, a complete market analysis and business acumen bring the company a stable and strong development.
Always keep the integrity and dedication to the clients especially the customers come from abroad to have a great experience here.