Worldwide Beauty Dental Hospital

Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital is Proud to be Ranked in the Top 5 Cosmetic Hospitals

In case you missed it, Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center has been upgraded to Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital in 2018 (view our hospital’s website here:

Every year, at the end of each year, Department of Health of Vietnam conducts an audit of all hospitals to ensure these hospitals meet the 83 hospital standards issued by the Department (these standards are similar to the standards issued by the Joint Commission International Accreditation). In Ho Chi Minh city, which is where our hospital is located, there is a total of 102 hospitals. Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital is proud to announce that we’ve achieved good rating from Vietnam Department of Health and are in the top 5 Cosmetic Hospitals in our first year of operation as a hospital, which has never been accomplished before.

As some of you may know, JCI standards, and similarly Department of Health hospital standards, are created for general hospitals. Therefore, some of these standards are not as applicable nor necessary to cosmetic hospitals, which are specialized hospitals, such as recovery care, nutrition care and medication for patients. For cosmetic hospitals, while we still provide our patients with recovery room, meals and medication, we simply just don’t have patients that need extensive recovery care, specific nutrition and special medication. Knowing this, we focus a significant amount of our effort on what’s important for our customers, which are development of doctors and staff, patient care, quality, infrastructure and equipment. On these areas, we’ve achieved excellent to perfect score.

We are very pleased with the results. We want to share this happy news with all of our customers. This is a great milestone in our first year of operation as hospital and we will continue to improve to become the best and to ensure our customers always receive the perfect care.