Not Sure Whether To Get Dental Implants

Whether your teeth are damaged or missing a few gaps, this can take a big toll on your self-esteem. From chewing, and smiling, to speaking, we need to have proper functional teeth to do our everyday tasks. The most recommended option for damaged or missing teeth is to get dental implants. This procedure gives your teeth an advantage over other replacement options such as bridges or dentures.

At our dental clinic, we have patients from across the world looking to get an appointment with our team of exceptional implant specialists. We only use high quality implants imported from US and Europe. We believe in our skills and experience and therefore we offer up to lifetime warranty on these implants.
For those who need a bit more convincing, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the top 10 reasons why you should start getting dental implants and how they can majorly benefit your oral health. Let’s dive in!

1. Prevents Bone Loss
Tooth loss can cause serious issues for your oral health, having a gap right at the root of your gums. After some time, your jawbone will deteriorate as a result of the dental work in your mouth causing bone loss. With the help of our dental implants, you’ll never have to worry about constantly replacing them as they are highly durable and long-lasting. Other alternative solutions require consistent substitution but with this, you’ll never have to think twice.

2. Creates A Natural Appearance
According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, an implant is the best option for restoring missing teeth. They are 99% identical to real teeth, creating a natural allure and appearance.

3. Prevents Face Shape Alterations
As most people are aware, the quality of your teeth is highly important to your overall facial structure. When you get older, your face shape changes, showing the early signs of aging. Doing this procedure can help maintain the appearance of your natural teeth and keep you from looking older.

4. Restores Your Strong Bite
These implants are placed into the jaw to replace missing teeth. The goal of this procedure is to help your bite without having to worry about chewing carefully, allowing you to chew on food as you usually would. In comparison to other tooth replacement options, such as crown or removable denture, your chewing functionality will not be as good as either food will get stuck under the bridge or they are placed at the top of the gums and aren’t completely set in place.

5. Provides Natural Speech
There are other options available for tooth replacements including bridges and dentures which can cause an inability for you to correctly pronounce words. Dental implants allow you to communicate naturally just like with your real teeth.

6. Easy To Maintain
As we’ve just mentioned, a bridge can be harder to clean as food can easily gets stuck under the bridge. With dental implants, your brushing routine has never been easier! You can brush the implant tooth like a natural tooth. Just use a simple toothbrush and floss and that’s it!

7. Encourages Self-Confidence
Typically, those who wear dentures tend to feel embarrassed about it being visibly shown. Whether they are eating, laughing, or talking, dentures tend to slip up from time to time making patients feel uncomfortable. At our dental clinic, we’ve designed our final restoration on implants to be firmly attached on the implants with look and feel like natural teeth, allowing you to feel confident as you are.

8. Balances Out Your Smile
Having gaps in your smile might not appear to be a big issue, but it can cause misalignment and shifting to occur. This can create further damage to the appearance of your face, which is why it’s especially important to receive our implants. With the help of our procedure, we can help you restore your beautiful smile, allowing you to feel comfortable smiling once again.

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